Kanzaki Black Sound Demon King, Retry!
A working adult you could find anywhere, Oono Akira was sent to another world while logged in as the character called「Maou」in a game he self-administrated. He started a journey with the disabled legged girl he met there, but the surroundings couldn’t leave the overwhelming powerful 「Maou」to his own devices.Aiming to subjugate the Demon King, the country and holy woman’s party wreak havoc wherever they go.His appearance is a Demon King, but inside is an ordinary person; a misunderstan
veronicapurcell3 The Cursed Love
Sienna was cursed with ancient family magic due to her forbidden love with a man that cruelly dumped her for riches. Now she must live out her immortality alone. Or so she had thought. A oneshot for Writing Prompts Contest 63:One Chapter Challenge
WildlyLaughing The Fox That Became a Dragon
A RWBY Fanfic. The day that Yang took Ruby out in a wagon to find her mom, they were almost killed by Grimm. Luckily, a kid with the power to freeze Grimm in their tracks showed up and held them off long enough for her Uncle Qrow to save them. This is the story of how an orphaned fox faunus with silver eyes became Yang's kid brother, and their adventures afterward. Table of Contents: Book ...
Vladarius For Her, My Warmth
For her i give this 1 badly made poem.
Monarchtime Godly hacker
Li wei, 19 year old second year at university of Beijing for computer science is expelled. His dad died when he was young in accident.Left with him and his mum. Struggling in modern society. Having got expelled from the university,he went to a bar and got drunk.then came home and fell asleep. A voice sounds in his head. [Welcome to the godly hack system!] Join Li wei way to the top in...